Us Plebs Don’t Know How Hard Hollywood Actors Have It

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2 March 2019
Us Plebs Don’t Know How Hard Hollywood Actors Have It - Featured image

Bill Shorten can’t tell Australians what the economic cost of his Climate Change Action Plan will be. Luckily BAEconomics has done it for him – a minimum of $264 billion in foregone GNP by 2030. Here are the respective costs of the climate change policies of the ALP and Coalition and the IPA’s plan to tackle climate change:

The good news is, it’s not too late for Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten to adopt number 3 of the IPA’s 20 Policies to Fix Australia: Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

I can’t believe calling Brexit voters racists who were too stupid to know what they were voting for has not worked for the British establishment! The latest polls for the upcoming EU elections have Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party storming ahead of the major parties. Brendan O’Neill said the Brexit Party is “the most dynamic and diverse new party to have emerged in years” in Spiked on Monday.

In a stunning turn of events a UN report leaked last week stating that up to a million species are going to become extinct appears to have exaggerated the environmental threat. This tour de force from Ronald Bailey at Reason  outlines the myriad failed predictions of mass extinctions made by environmentalists over the years and points out that as technological advancement and urbanisation continues, animal populations will recover.

Last month, British actress Emma Thompson flew 5,400 miles from LA to London to protest…mass air travel. In her defence she said “it’s very difficult to do my job without occasionally flying“. Let’s be honest, does anyone apart from Hollywood actors really need to fly?

Sir Arvi Parbo AC, who became a giant of Australian mining after fleeing Estonia in 1944, died yesterday aged 93. In a speech published in The IPA Review in June 1989 Arvi said ” economic reality is what governs all our lives, including those of politicians, union leaders, industrialists, and everyone else – even social workers.” Words that are just as relevant as ever 30 years later.

IPA members who haven’t got their tickets for this year’s ALS Friedman Liberty Conference, you’re in luck! The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance have kindly offered IPA members a 10% discount – just enter IPA19 at the checkout. And if you’re a student, click here to apply for a scholarship to this unmissable event.

And if you’re in Sydney next Wednesday, catch Gideon Rozner speaking on rescuing Australia’s freedoms with Australian Conservatives senate candidate Sophie York. Details here.

Article of the week:

This is a devastating critique of the government policies that are economically and culturally hollowing out Australia’s middle class from Joel Kotkin in City Journal last week. Among Kotkin’s many targets are planning policies that are making Australian cities “more like that of the more congested, socially riven metropoles of Britain, the U.S., or China”.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: John Roskam

“Do you want to take a course with a professor who thrills you with the greatness and genius of Rembrandt and Bernini, or who emphasizes the heteronormativity of the Baroque period?” wrote recent IPA guest Mark Bauerlein about the Ramsay Centre last week for the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Mark correctly identifies the real source of opposition to the Centre – the “academic left knows that it can’t compete”.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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