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28 June 2018
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Half of Australian workers are employed in medium and large businesses. So I guess the unions will be resisting the ALP’s new plan to increase company taxes? It would leave 5.25 million people worse off, as Matthew Lesh pointed out today.

What’s more, 0.33% of companies paid 63% of net company tax between 2011-16 as Matthew’s Parliamentary Research Brief sent to federal politicians this week explains. But maybe Matthew should listen to the economic geniuses at The Saturday Paper – last night on The Drum the editor said  no economist thinks cutting taxes for large companies is good for the economy:

Absolutely no economistsNone. Not one. Zero economists.

Still, not as bad as the left’s staggering hypocrisy in saying forcing shops to bake wedding cakes for same-sex weddings was fine but that booting Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of a restaurant because she works for Donald Trump was…also fine. Of course, the left do hypocrisy pretty well, as thisamazing new Republican ad demonstrates.

Remember when the UK Treasury smugly forecasted that unemployment would increase by 500,000 if Leave got up? That unemployment has hit a 43 year low is my very favourite of the “six of the worst Brexit predictions” compiled in the UK Spectator on Tuesday.

President Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate treaty will lead the US to a “more prosperous and brighter future” argues Myron Ebell in this excellent 2,100 word piece from the June edition of Standpoint. Europe is following the President’s lead – every single country in the EU is failing to meet its Paris obligations. Lucky Australia is so committed to renewable energy I guess…

If you’re in Melbourne on Tuesday, Tony Abbott will be giving the 2018 Bob Carter Commemorative Lecture ‘Climate Change and Restraining Greenhouse Gas Emissions’. Details here.


Featuring Dr Peter Hendy and Simon Breheny, IPA

“Our significant reliance on China is a dangerous signal for Australia. Not since we were a colony and so dependent on the British for our trading situation have we been so dependent on an overseas country for our economic survival. And so there are a whole lot of challenges and we need to return to pro-market policies and keep implementing them.”

– Dr Peter Hendy

Article of the week:

The great Dan Hannan nailed it with this piece on how Twitter has re-ignited our mob mentality in The Washington Examiner on Monday. Hannan argued that author Lionel Shriver being removed from an awards panel, even though the organisers explicitly acknowledged that the wild criticism she received on social media was unfounded, shows the power of the Twitter mob.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Matthew Lesh

Brisbane-born Chloe Westley and former IPA guest James Delingpole had a 1 hour and 8 minute chat on the Delingpole podcast this week about the glories of Brexit, political correctness in Australia, and Donald Trump. Delingpole says Chloe is a “rising star of young Conservatism”. Chloe, a former Vote Leave staffer and Campaign Manager at the British Taxpayers’ Alliance in London has been all over British media in recent months.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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