Dennis Prager Defends Western Civilisation

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5 April 2018
Dennis Prager Defends Western Civilisation - Featured image
“Human life is infinitely precious in Western Civilisation”. That’s from Dennis Prager’s wonderful description of Western Civilisation which is one of the many highlights of this special edition 38-minute interview with him for The Young IPA Podcast:


You can watch the video, listen to the audio and read the transcript here.

If you liked our interview with Dennis, and want to hear from other guests like Andrew Hastie MP, Mary Kissel and Robert Tombs, you can subscribe to the podcast here.Religious freedom – what Dennis calls the basis of Western Civilisation – is under threat in Australia from anti-discrimination laws that restrict speech, association, and liberty of contract. That’s the main finding from Morgan Begg’s Report into Religious Liberty in Australia covered in The Australian yesterday.

Kevin D. Williamson’s move from National Review to The Atlantic last month drew the predictable hysterical response from the left. In his first piece for The Atlantic on Monday Williamson proclaimed the Libertarian Moment over. Nick Gillespie – co-coiner of the term in 2008 –  disagrees…sort of.

If you’re wondering why your university timetable still hasn’t turned up, it might be because the university admin workers are discussing the “Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization“. On Monday this piece in The Federalist explained how day-to-day administrators are just as effective at spreading radical identity politics on campus as academics and student unions.

Brighton and Hove Council in the UK is banning children from telling their classmates about their weekends in case it stigmatises poorer students. It’s called Poverty Proofing the School. I always thought a good way to poverty proof students was to focus on giving them a decent education…

This video is only 4 minutes long and it’s excellent – Dan Hannan’s succinct explanation of why conservatives are the real liberals to Matt Kibbe from Free the People.

Japanese characters speaking Japanese in the new Wes Anderson movie Isle of Dogs is of course cultural appropriation according to the Hollywood press. Hollywood’s virtue-signalling is all the more reason to support these young filmmakers who are crowdfunding their movie about the life of Ludwig von Mises.

Featuring Dennis Prager, Founder of Prager University, and Renee Gorman, Generation Liberty

“I read the gender decoder tool, which is being used by government departments and the ABC and it is supposed to remove words that might discourage female applicants. The words that are supposed to be too masculine include challenging, courageous, confident, decisive, determined, intellect, independent and logic.”

– Renee Gorman, Generation Liberty

Article of the week:

Amazon’s innovations makes it a jewel of America’s market economy and President Trump’s attack on the company is a “pointlessly destructive act of presidential jawboning” writes National Review editor Rich Lowry in The New York Post on Monday.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Gideon Rozner

Harvard professor Edward Glaeser discusses America’s ‘war on work’ on this 1 hour 6 min EconTalk podcast from last week. It follows on from his excellent article last year in the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. Glaeser discusses the crisis of joblessness among American men, and explores the way in which it could be addressed by labour law reforms, greater emphasis on skills in education and the paring back of welfare entitlements.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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