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IPA Review – Spring 2021

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Borders Are Back

The many new borders drawn recently make a mockery of rhetoric about a world without boundaries, argues theologian Phillip Tolliday. ‘Papers, please.’ In my imagination I connect this request to a scene from one of those Cold War movies. A... Read more
Cold Hard Facts

Real science rather than ‘The Science’ would provide a more accurate perspective of climate change, writes scientist and nuclear power advocate Ian Hore-Lacy. In a sense, the title and strapline says it all! This book stresses the importance... Read more
Masked Intentions

Even in Liberal-led South Australia, COVID-19 is becoming an excuse to usher in Orwellian controls, warns journalist Paul Mitchell. Never mind that COVID-lite South Australia is currently trialling an SA government-developed facial recognition... Read more
In The Same Boat

History shows the West would be wise to prioritise strategic interests while upholding cultural values, argues IPA Senior Fellow Sherry Sufi. In a world that is becoming more volatile, now is a good time to reflect on the nature of political... Read more
An Injection Of Truth

Vaccine Passports are a dangerous step towards totalitarian control that must be resisted, argues philosophy lecturer Martin Black. The Morrison Government has departed from its own stated principles that vaccination is a matter of free and... Read more