Scott Hargreaves
Executive General Manager
Level 2, 410 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 VIC

Scott joined the IPA staff in 2015 having been a member of the IPA for over twenty years. During that time he gained experience in a range of private and public organisations, including periods as a political adviser, consulting, in corporate affairs, and managing small businesses.

Scott can be heard weekly on the IPA's Looking Forward Podcast, and is also Editor of the IPA Review.

In his EGM role he is responsible for day to day management of the IPA as well as strategic planning, supporting the Executive Director to ensure resources are allocated in line with priorities, that staff and researchers can operate at their full potential, and that the IPA can grow over time on a secure financial foundation.

Over the years his research and book reviews have been published in a range of publications, including the IPA Review, Quadrant, and Policy, various magazines and journals, and he contributed a number of chapters to the IPA’s 100 Great Books of Liberty.

The first degree he completed was a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Economics. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Public Policy, an MBA from the Melbourne Business School, and a Master of Commercial Law in the energy environment and resources stream. In consulting and corporate roles prior to joining the IPA his particular specialty was the development/approval process for major infrastructure and energy projects.