Poll: Local Councils Should Stick To Roads, Rates And Rubbish

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19 February 2020
Poll: Local Councils Should Stick To Roads, Rates And Rubbish - Featured image

Free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs has called on local councils to reduce red tape and stick to their knitting as a new poll confirms Australians’ hostility towards this growing level of government.

“Australians have had a gutful of virtue signalling local councils getting involved in every area of policy except for the basics,” said Gideon Rozner, Director of Policy at the IPA.

“Every year rates go up, yet the quality of services goes down.”

“From foreign policy, to climate, to dictating what food people are allowed to sell at food trucks, local councils are increasingly becoming fiefdoms where power hungry local representatives are taking on responsibilities that should be reserved for state or federal governments.”

“Councils have forgotten that their core purpose is to collect rubbish, fix local roads and keep rates down. And some can’t even do that very well.”

“Small business in particular, is disproportionately affected by council red tape, delays and loopy rules,” said Mr Rozner.

A recent poll, commissioned by the IPA, found 58 per cent of Australians believe there is too much red tape.

IPA research has found that red tape costs Australia $176 billion per year in lost economic output.

Download the polling document.

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