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This article from the October 2019 IPA Review is by IPA Director of Research, Daniel Wild. The greatness of test match cricket has been on full display over the Ashes series between Australia and England, hosted by England throughout August and... Read more

Dayne Eckermann is General Manager at Bright New World, which is based in Adelaide, Australia. Nuclear advocates have long felt that once people start to look again at nuclear technology, confront their fears and begin to understand the... Read more

Topher Field is a filmmaker and self-described optimist and libertarian. His videos on the Murray-Darling have been viewed more than 300,000 times. www.topherfield.net Water has become the most fought- over commodity on the Australian continent... Read more

This article from the October 2019 IPA Review is by IPA Research Fellow, Kurt Wallace. For a supposedly free market economy where prices are formed by the market, an inordinate amount of attention is given to a small group of bureaucrats sitting... Read more

This article by Kyle Williams was published in the Spring 2019 edition of the IPA Review. If you have followed youth and university politics over the past few years you have almost certainly encountered horror stories of a new illiberal... Read more

Diego Ilan Méndez is an actuary employed as an economic risk analyst based in the Buenos Aires office of an international banking group. He has an actuary in economics degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires. On Monday 12 August 2019, one day... Read more