Chris Dekker

Generation Liberty Coordinator

Chris Dekker is the campus coordinator at Queensland University of Technology, studying Law and Business, majoring in Economics. Passionate about civil liberties, Chris has a particular policy interest in criminal law, theories of justice and the exercise of police powers. His favourite minds include John Locke, Emma Goldman, Thomas Jefferson and Robert Nozick. Once graduated, he intends to practice criminal law and potentially explore a career in research.

To improve the wellbeing of others in society, Chris believes in the power of the market and private philanthropy. In Chris’ view, government is a necessary evil that must be kept on a leash to prevent oppression of the most vulnerable. He believes that good will, charity and societal standards are best established through cultural norms rather than statute.

As a Generation Liberty campus coordinator, Chris wants to spread the ideas of liberty to people of all political persuasions. Free markets and individual liberty provide continual prosperity for all, and although these philosophies are unfairly chastised today, Chris is proud to join the fight to keep these ideals visible in mainstream political discussions.