The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 91 – The Best of 2018

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21 December 2018

It’s our last show for the year so we’re looking back on some of our best interviews of 2018! Enjoy this extra-long Christmas episode with clips from our interviews with Dennis Prager (4:33-12:24), Douglas Murray (12:33-20:38), Claire Lehmann (20:47-30:50), Dan Hannan (31:02-37:48), Senator James Paterson (37:52-50:48), Nigel Farage (50:58- 56:24), Bjorn Lomborg (56:35-1:04:48), Eunhee Park (1:04:58-1:12:40), Brendan O’Neill (1:12:49-1:20:51), Tom Palmer (1:21:00- 1:33:10), Andrew Bolt (1:33:19-1:45:34), Mark Bauerlein (1:45:42-1:57:38), Greg Sheridan (1:57:48-2:04:11)   and Jacinta Price (2:04:19-2:11:21).

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