Media Roundup – 23 to 30 January 2020

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29 January 2020

Wednesday 29 January

Tuesday 28 January

Monday 27 January

  • Gideon Rozner said it’s time to put “human lives above shrubbery” in response to ongoing debate over logging access within national parks after the Australian bushfires in his appearance on Sky News Paul Murray Live.
  • Gideon in that same episode also said Australians should be “alert but not alarmed” about coronavirus, comparing it to the SARS panic.
  • Our inaugural chairman, the great Charles Kemp, and former director David Kemp were referenced in this Australian Financial Review article on historical attitudes towards Indigenous Australians.

Sunday 26 January

  • Gideon Rozner slammed Malcolm Turnbull for being “positively ghoulish” by politicising the bushfires “to vindictate his position on climate change” on Sky News Sharri. 
  • Our poll finding 75% of Australians want to keep Australia Day on the 26th of January was quoted by Corrine Barraclough in her widely-published article across News Ltd publications.
  • Our report urging governments to arrest the growth in the incarceration rate and redirect budgetary savings away from prisons and towards police, the courts and community corrections was quoted in Mondaq, an influential blog for lawyers around the globe.

Saturday 25 January

Friday 24 January

  • Gideon Rozner slammed Malcolm Turnbull and his hypocrisy over the bushfires after an interview we unearthed in this searing article in The Daily Telegraph, saying “Turnbull has wedged a callous ‘I Told You So’ into the media cycle at every opportunity.”
  • The Turnbull interview we unearthed showing Malcolm Turnbull’s hypocrisy was referenced by Sharri Markson in The Daily Telegraph
  • Our Australia Day poll was referenced in this article on AFL star Nic Naitanui calling for the date to be changed and syndicated across all News Ltd websites.
  • Our poll was also referenced across all Fairfax papers in their coverage of Australia Day.
  • And it was referenced by the Daily Mail in their coverage of Port Phillip Council hosting a “mourning ceremony” on Australia Day

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