theirABC - What's Wrong With The ABC And How To Fix It

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A unique, serialised documentary podcast from the Institute of Public Affairs titled Their ABC: What’s wrong with the ABC and how to fix it. Written and presented by IPA Director of Communications, Evan Mulholland.

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You will hear from high profile guests like Tony Abbott, Maurice Newman, Janet Albrechtsen, Rowan Dean and John Anderson AO, media commentators like Chris Mitchell, Gemma Tongini, Chris Kenny and Peta Credlin and over a dozen Members of Parliament including Bridget McKenzie, Mark Latham, Nicolle Flint, Matt Canavan, James Paterson, Andrew Bragg and many, many more. 

We will be highlighting the problems with the ABC: Its bias against conservatives and hostility to conservative viewpoints, its obsessions with identity politics and climate change, its activist use of social media, its inner city focus and bias against the regions, and what we can do to fix it.

We’ll also cover:

  • The push inside the Coalition party room for ABC reform,
  • Exclusive polling about what mainstream Australians really think about the ABC, and;
  • The multitude of reform options available to policy makers.

The ABC likes to use the line ‘Our ABC’, but we know that it is not. The ABC amplifies a narrow, green-left inner-city centric viewpoint that is completely disconnected with the needs and concerns of mainstream Australians.

The ABC as a cultural institution pushes green-left narratives, anti-business viewpoints and uses their massive platform to strike vendettas against perceived opponents. It is Their ABC, because it’s certainly not Ours.
Podcast produced by James Bolt and Mitchell Schomburgk.

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