The Young IPA Podcast Episode 167: America Is On Fire

The Young IPA Podcast Episode 167: America Is On Fire


James and Pete recap an extremely tough weekend of news. June 1st brings a fresh wave of easing of restrictions across the country and we run through the main changes. Heroes and Villains this week include Elon Musk’s space launch going ahead, any video from America that doesn’t make us sad, the Global Times running three articles in three days slamming The Wolverines and robodebt (0:0025:09).

Gideon Rozner joins the show to chat the runaway success of The Heretic, drawing the ire of Friendlyjordies and mourns the loss of COAG (25:0950:15).

Dr Bella d’Abrera then joins the show to talk the IPA’s new podcast Better Read than Dead and Drew Pavlou’s suspension from the University of Queensland (50:151:05:15).

At the end we give Pete Buttigieg the Q&A clap for his incomprehensible tweet about George Floyd, debut the new segment Reports Say and ask the ABC’s Juanita Phillips to read the room as she bemoans the return of pub drinking.

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