It’s Time For A Reckoning On Race And Gender

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28 June 2024
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In this article, Brianna McKee contextualises and disseminates the findings of the IPA’s research into the values and beliefs of young Australians, conducted as part of the IPA’s Foundations of Western Civilisation Program.

The Foundations of Western Civilisation Program was established in 2011 to defend and extend Australians’ understanding of the influential, historical role of the West in establishing many of the liberties enjoyed by members of our society.

The Western world is facing a reckoning on race and gender. The rise of discriminatory hiring practices is usually the elephant in the room. But recently it has been forced into the spotlight after Disney’s senior vice president was allegedly caught on a hidden camera saying his company explicitly does not hire ‘white men’ for specific roles.

Where did this all start? After the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, major companies responded with an array of public commitments to racial justice causes. CEOs promised to hire more people of colour and remove branding considered racist. Big business was quick to jump on the diversity, equity and inclusion bandwagon and parade their Woke credentials.

Fast-forward a few years and analysis from Bloomberg shows of the 300,000 new jobs created in the United States workforce by major companies in 2021, 94 per cent went to people of colour while white workers accounted for just six per cent. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows since February 2020 there were 904,000 fewer White people working in S&P 100 companies while Hispanic, Black, and Asian cohorts all experienced gains.

These figures reveal the power of big business to influence major societal structures like the workforce landscape. Yet, has this really solved a problem or merely created another one?

Equality of opportunity is fundamental to the success of a society, and not least the rise of Western Civilisation. Yet meritocracy is increasingly giving way to discriminatory practices under the misnomer ‘affirmative action’. As this approach becomes more ingrained in the workforce it triggers resentment and undermines social cohesion. And, as revealed by the Disney executive, the practice increasingly targets young white men.

Which brings us to the second reckoning the Western world faces on gender. Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, famous for her so-called ‘misogyny’ speech, recently admitted that feminists like herself have failed to bring young men along on the journey.

In an interview with The Australian, Ms Gillard stated that some believed the gender equality movement had overcorrected and was now discriminating against men. This is supported by a survey commissioned by the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership. It showed that 60 per cent of Generation Z men, those aged between 18 and 27, say women’s equality has gone too far – a much greater proportion than previous generations.

This is also backed up by a survey published by the Institute of Public Affairs, which found feminism is a fundamental source of disagreement between young men and women. Men think feminism has gone too far and preferential treatment is not right. The majority of women do not think they receive preferential treatment or, if they do, they think it is right.

In her interview, Ms Gillard said it was important for feminists to be ‘self-critical and analytical’ given the ‘hardening of attitudes amongst young men that it’s all gone too far’.

The antidote to the division between men and women, according to Ms Gillard, is a return to good old fashioned ‘equality’. She raises the question: ‘How do we reshape the way we are campaigning for gender equality so that we are explaining what I deeply believe to be true, which is that a gender-equal world will be better for everyone?’

This solution is too simplistic. While it may be ideal for Ms Gillard, the move towards gender equality has not really benefited men or women.

While the gender equality movement purports to help women and solve perceived injustices in the workplace, it is having the opposite effect – limiting flexibility and choice for women and punishing men in the process. Today, many women’s workload has doubled, as they are forced to hold down a job while also taking care of the family.

Western Civilisation is – quite measurably – in decline, and one of the key markers of this is the division of people along the lines of gender, race, and sexuality. Men are pitted against women, white people against coloured people, and heterosexuals against the LGBTQ community.

The workplace and the home are key battlegrounds for the racial and gender equality activists. However, it is becoming clear that these campaigns hide a more sinister motive: to undermine social cohesion under the warm and fuzzy guise of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’. Put simply, the gender equality movement is hurting women, the racial equality movement is hurting white people, and both are hurting men.

Until the perpetual grievance industry supporting these movements is dismantled, they will continue to cause damage until the pendulum swings back the other way. The words of Charles de Gaulle ring true: ‘Genius sometimes consists of knowing when to stop.’

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