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The IPA’s Reaction To Lockdown Extension

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2 June 2021

Today is a crushing blow for Victorians. The Andrews government has persisted with a failed and destructive policy by extending the lockdown.

IPA Director of Research Daniel Wild made these comments about the extension.

“The extension of the lockdown shows that the original lockdown was a failure. Lockdowns do not stop the propagation of the virus over the long-term. We need a different way.”

“It is time to end the lockdowns, stop trying to eliminate the virus, and pursue a strategy which is risk-based, proportionate, and targeted.”

“The Victorian government has failed. They must stop punishing Victorians for their failures.”

“Victorians have been crushed by the fourth lockdown. Victoria will never be the same and will never fully recover – it has been permanently disfigured.”

“The cause of the lockdowns is not contact tracing, it’s not hotel quarantine, and it’s not vaccine rollout. It’s the pursuit of a virus elimination strategy, which necessitates city-wide and state-wide lockdowns in response to small and localised outbreaks.”

“Describing the virus as an absolute beast as Brett Sutton did is an irresponsible and gross exaggeration designed to cover-up the monumental  failures of the Chief Health Officer and the Victorian government.”

“The silence from the Liberal Party on the lockdowns is deafening. Their failure to take a position on the lockdowns is letting down the six million Victorians who are in desperate need of leadership and an alternative way forward.”

“The year 2021 is becoming like 2020. Another lost year.”

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Daniel Wild

Daniel Wild is the Deputy Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs

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