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The IPA Reacts To Morrison’s Bailout Of Andrews Government

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3 June 2021

IPA Director of Research Daniel Wild today slammed the decision of the federal government to provide further payments to Victorians, saying it will simply encourage more, longer, and heavier lockdowns.

“Every step of the way the federal Coalition has provided excuses for and has bailed out the Andrews government.”

“Victorians can be sure that lockdowns will continue for as long as the federal government keeps giving hand-outs every time a lockdown is declared, which in Victoria happens about every three months.”

“The easiest thing in the world is to give away other people’s money. This is not leadership.”

“The Prime Minister and Treasurer are lockdown-enablers.”

“The federal government must now accept responsibility for the continued lockdown in Victoria which has unleashed another wave of humanitarian and economic pain across the state.”

“This sets a very dangerous precedent. State premiers now have even more incentive to over-reach and lockdown their states in response to small outbreaks knowing they can push responsibility onto the federal government.”

“The federal government has guaranteed the lockdown will last much longer, and that many more jobs will be lost as a result.”

“There are many alternatives to lockdowns. To pretend otherwise is despotic.”

“Currently three Victorians are losing their job every single minute of the lockdown.”

“It’s time to end to lockdowns and pursue a humane strategy which is risk-based, proportionate, and targeted.”

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Daniel Wild

Daniel Wild is the Deputy Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs

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