Lockdowns Don’t Work

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30 June 2021
Lockdowns Don’t Work - Featured image

With over 12 million Australians now living under lockdown, IPA Director of Policy Gideon Rozner implored all politicians in Australia to abandon lockdown policies and commit to alternative ways of handling Covid 19.

“Lockdowns do not work. They are illiberal and economically destructive, and the best available international evidence finds no link between lockdowns and stopping excess Covid deaths. Australia must find another way.”

“Lockdowns were initially brought in under the idea of ‘two weeks to flatten the curve.’ We are now 15 months into this pandemic and we are still treating Covid 19 as if it were March 2020.”

“It is especially disappointing to see the Berejiklian government choose to lock down Sydney. This was the one government that seemed committed to learning to live with Covid. Their capitulation to pro-lockdown hysteria tells Australians that there is nowhere they can hide from the threat of lockdowns.”

IPA research has previously found that the best way to handle Covid 19 outbreaks is through increasing Australia’s medical capacity to handle outbreaks while leaving the freedoms of Australians alone. Read the report Medical Capacity: An Alternative To Lockdowns here.

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