Lockdown Is Not The Answer

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27 May 2021

The best domestic and international evidence shows lockdowns do not work, says Daniel Wild.

Today, Victoria begins its fourth lockdown. Daniel Wild shared his comments with the media:

“The best domestic and international evidence shows lockdowns do not work.”

“Those who are imposing the lockdowns in government and the bureaucracy are not those who will face the costs of the lockdowns.”

“We cannot go on like this”

“Lockdowns are not the answer”

“This is a wildly disproportionate and authoritarian response from a weak and inept government.”

“There is no casual relationship between lockdowns and the long term propagation of Covid.”

“The humanitarian costs of the lockdowns far exceed the limited health benefits.”

“Victoria has already been permanently disfigured by lockdowns. The new lockdowns will be the final nail in the coffin of the Victorian  way of life.”

“Instead of lockdowns the response should be risk-based, proportionate, and targeted.”

Recent IPA research estimated that the strategy of eliminating COVID-19 would cost $319 billion on a nation-wide basis over a three year period, which is the equivalent to 23 per cent of GDP: https://ipa.org.au/publications-ipa/research-papers/medical-capacity-an-alternative-to-lockdowns

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