Daniel Wild On The Rita Panahi Show Discussing Criminal Justice Reforms – 12 March 2024

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12 March 2024
Daniel Wild On The Rita Panahi Show Discussing Criminal Justice Reforms – 12 March 2024 - Featured image

In this interview, Daniel Wild contextualises and disseminates the findings of the IPA’s research into criminal justice.

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Below is a transcript of the interview.

Rita Panahi:

Let’s talk about something serious though. We’ve been talking about this issue on this programme just about every single night. The youth crime crisis across the nation, particularly here in Victoria. And today’s front page of the Herald Sun reveals a plan to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14 could be scrapped as pressure intensifies on the state government to tackle this crisis, the youth crime crisis. There is a push by senior Labour figures to significantly water down the Allan government’s controversial youth justice reform. This is much needed, some common sense from hard left Labour. There are obviously some wise heads in there that can see not only is this bad policy, but it is hugely unpopular.

Daniel Wild:

It’s unpopular, it’s bad, and raising the age of criminal responsibility would not do what it claims to do because it would just make crime worse. Because we know that there’s issues with those who are older, adults of recruiting younger people to do crime. So, that’s going to get it worse if you raise the age of responsibility. This is a common sense move. Clearly, the government is now paving the way for a walk back on this, which is a good thing to do.

We know that in Victoria and in Queensland, there’s a real massive crime problem, especially with young people. And at the moment, our political leaders are locking up the wrong people. I mean, a third of people in jails across the country have not committed a violent crime. They should be punished, but they shouldn’t be in jail. At the same time, we have violent crime and those committing sexual crime who are out on the streets, they’re not being arrested in big enough numbers and they’re not in jail in big enough numbers. So, this is hopefully the start of some common sense policing to keep the community safe.

This transcript from Sky News with Rita Panahi from 11 March 2024 has been edited for clarity.

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