Daniel Wild On Criminal Justice Reform WIN News Wagga Wagga – 7 June 2024

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7 June 2024
Daniel Wild On Criminal Justice Reform WIN News Wagga Wagga – 7 June 2024 - Featured image

In this interview, Deputy Executive Director Daniel Wild discusses the need for criminal justice reform and better sentencing options.

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Below is a transcript of the interview.

News Presenter:

New research has revealed New South Wales taxpayers are shelling out around $746 million a year to lock up non-violent criminals. A public policy think tank calling for an overhaul of the justice system to reserve prison beds for dangerous offenders. Data analysis finding incarcerating a single prisoner in New South Wales costs $438 a day, or almost $160,000 a year.

Daniel Wild:

I want the system to be focused on community safety, which means dedicating resources to violent crime. Those who are in jail for a non-violent offence and who are not a risk to community safety should not be in prison. They should ideally be given the opportunity to work.

News Presenter:

New South Wales spends the most of all jurisdictions on locking up non-violent offenders, with prisons now at 80 per cent capacity.

This transcript from WIN News Wagga Wagga from 7 June 2024 has been edited for clarity.

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