Your Daily Dose of Say No To Glasgow

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30 November 2021
Your Daily Dose of Say No To Glasgow - Featured image

During COP26 in Glasgow the IPA issued via email a daily ‘Say No To Glasgow Bulletin’ introduced by Gideon Rozner and edited by Scott Hargreaves, including contributions by Professor Aynsley Kellow and highlighting relevant IPA commentary and research on climate science and policy. In this post we provide a link to a compendium of the Bulletins.

Announcing the Bulletin, IPA Executive General Manager, Scott Hargreaves, said:

One by one the major institutions of Australia have signed on to ‘Net Zero by 2050’; the National Party being just the latest domino to fall. But the IPA will not endorse that goal; not now, not ever.

The future prosperity of Australia is at risk as politicians converge on Glasgow in pursuit of Net Zero. Disastrously, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has gained approval from the ruling Liberal and National party Coalition to take a national plan consistent with the Net Zero goal to the ‘COP26’ meeting in Glasgow, which commences on 31 October 2021.

To keep you updated on the events of Glasgow and how they impact mainstream Australians, I am excited to let you know the IPA will be publishing a Say No To Glasgow daily email bulletin featuring expert commentary from our Director of Policy, Gideon Rozner, and climate policy expert Emeritus Professor Aynsley Kellow, starting tomorrow, 27 October 2021.

The email went to interested IPA Members, to subscribers to the mailing list associated with, and to those who had subscribed for updates at

A compendium of the Bulletins can be downloaded here.

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