Daniel Wild Discussing IPA Economic Scorecard Data Nine News Melbourne – 26 May 2024

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26 May 2024
Daniel Wild Discussing IPA Economic Scorecard Data Nine News Melbourne – 26 May 2024 - Featured image

The Institute of Public Affairs’ Daniel Wild on Nine News Melbourne discussing the IPA’s Economic Scorecard research.

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Below is a trancript of the interview.

Peter Hitchener:

Businesses are abandoning Victoria to set up shop interstate, but the government has rubbished the ABS data, as opposition to a plan to create new national parks gathers momentum. Mark Santomartino reports.

Mark Santomartino:

An hour’s drive east of Melbourne, hundreds gathered from all corners of Victoria to scream, “Hands off our state forests.”

Wayne Farnham:

This government locked us down. Now they want to lock us out. And I say enough is enough.

Mark Santomartino:

The proposal to create a Great Forest National Park is seeking to protect an additional 355,000 hectares across Victoria’s Central Highlands. Demonstrators at Drouin fear that will stop them from camping, hunting, or accessing those areas altogether.


What other culture have we got in Australia? This is it.

Bill Schultz:

Let’s put it to bed. Let’s forget it. We do not want it.

Mark Santomartino:

Thousands have signed a petition against the proposal. The government, which has not formally accepted anything, instead spent the day talking up the bicycle highway being built alongside the West Gate Tunnel.

Danny Pearson:

This is just mint. It is elite.

Alison McCormack:

People moving to work, to shops, to restaurants and entertainment, it will really be a great asset to the city.

Mark Santomartino:

But fewer people are working in the city today, despite unemployment being at record lows. And while the treasurer has been spruiking a spike in business investment, ABS data shows more than 3,000 businesses have moved interstate since the end of Victoria’s COVID lockdowns.

Daniel Wild:

This is due to record taxes, record debt, and record energy prices. I would struggle to find any small business owner that says that things are easier today than 10 years ago.

John Pesutto:

Victoria is at the bottom of the list because our taxes are at the top of the list.

Mark Santomartino:

Mark Santomartino, 9News.

This transcript from Nine News Melbourne from 26 May 2024 has been edited for clarity.

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