Australians Reject The Political Voice Of Big Business

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22 December 2023
Australians Reject The Political Voice Of Big Business - Featured image

“The Voice to Parliament referendum proved a turning point in the relationship between big business, mainstream Australians and centre-right politics. Big business will not be forgiven for trying to divide Australians,” said John Roskam, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Released today, results from the most comprehensive exit poll undertaken at the time of the Voice to Parliament referendum in October show an overwhelming majority of voters believe the political campaigns of big business do not reflect the values of mainstream Australia.

The poll of more than 3,500 Australians taken in the days after the Voice referendum found that 64% of respondents agreed with the statement ‘The involvement of big business in political issues doesn’t reflect my values’, only 4% disagreed.

“The historical relationship between the Coalition and big business is now toxic, as it is Coalition voters who are the most hostile to big business. Therefore, any future political success will only come from repudiating the elites that occupy the boardrooms at the top end of town,” said Mr Roskam.

The poll shows attitudes regarding big business were shared across voters for all the major parties and all age groups. 87% of Nationals voters agreed, as did 70% of Liberal voters, 58% of ALP voters, and 56% of Greens voters. In addition, every age group agreed with the sentiment ranging from 52% agreement for 18- to 24-year-olds to 78% agreement for those older than 65 years.

“It says a lot that Greens voters are the ones most likely to support the political agenda of big business – the lesson for the centre-right in Australia is clear,” said Mr Roskam.

“Big business speaks for a small circle of rich elite CEOs who are more interested in virtue-signalling than standing up for the interests of mainstream Australians. Their attacks on Australia Day proves how out of touch with mainstream values big business CEOs are.”

“Just as big business dumped its support for the Coalition decades ago, the Coalition must now realise that cutting ties from big business is a key step to political success.”

“Australians have rejected the condescending, left-wing, woke agenda of big business. Big business was the biggest backer of the Voice to Parliament, a radical proposal that was decisively rejected by voters.”

“The centre-right needs to heed this lesson by putting mainstream Australians first and show rich, elite and out of touch CEOs the door,” said Mr Roskam.

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