Your Train Has Been Cancelled

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14 March 2019
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“He talks about finding meaning in life” was what AFL footballer Tom McDonald told us appealed to him about Jordan Peterson on the 100th episode of The Young IPA Podcast this week.

John Roskam also joined us for our special 100th episode and said the IPA’s “aim within the next two years is to be interacting every single day with 10% of young people”.

We will never bow to the mob. Ever. No matter what” was Tucker Carlson’s (correct) response to the “great American outrage machine” currently engulfing him for comments he made years ago. Michael Anton on American Greatness on Monday said the left hated Carlson because “he’s right and they’re wrong ” about “the massive failure of our elites”.

In a shocking turn of events, the future of Brexit is still unclear. “Brexit can’t go on like this. And yet it will” was Alex Massie’s accurate summation in CapX on Tuesday.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might have to put her railway to Hawaii on hold. According to an AP-NORC survey released last week, 68% of Americans said they wouldn’t pay an extra $10 a month in higher electricity bills to fight climate change.

But how much would you pay to put a little showbiz glamour in your financial services regulator? About $430,000? That’s how much APRA paid the National Institute of Dramatic Art for ‘presentation skills training’ it was revealed this week. Not to be outdone, the Pentagon spent $4.6 million on lobster tail and crab in just one month last year.

What caused the ’08 financial crisis: free markets or government? (Spoiler Alert: it was not free markets). That was the topic of this excellent 1 hour 18 min debate between former CEO of BB&T Bank John Allison and Moody’s economist Mark Zandi on ReasonTV in February.

Article of the week:

Meghan Markle should be careful what she wishes for wrote Professor Doug Stokes in Quillette last week. Her campaign to decolonise universities, part of western academia’s desire to destroy what’s left of the West’s “telos” is an impulse rooted in a more “geopolitically stable time” when less was at stake.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Andrew Bushnell

This 4,300 word essay from Jaspreet Singh Boparai in Quillette on Sunday recounts an overlooked episode in history: the brutal treatment of those who resisted the rationalist forces of the French Revolution. A reminder of why Burke noted that it is not possible to make peace with regicide.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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