Which State Is The Most Swamped In Bureaucracy?

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21 November 2019
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Government bureaucracy – the one area of the Australian economy that never fails to grow.  Adam Creighton in The Australian on Wednesday reported that the expansion of the public sector in Victoria and Queensland alone has cost taxpayers an additional $14.5 billion over the last 5 years.

This is in addition to the $8 billion every year that the ‘Canberra swamp’ costs taxpayers as highlighted in our report from October.

If you think China is an “authoritarian foreign power”, then the ABC’s Virginia Trioli says you’re “part of the problem”. On Sunday Senator James Paterson maintained he and Andrew Hastie MP “will not repent for standing up for Australian sovereignty , our values, our interests, and standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves”.  Senator Paterson told the full story in this week’s Young IPA Podcast.

Councils are fleecing the public by fining them for not carrying two dog poo bags, using an open fire BBQ without a permit, and feeding galahs. Gideon Rozner told A Current Affair on Monday, “ Councils are out of control , losing sight of basics and really forgetting what their core mission is”.

The animal activist group ‘Aussie Farms’ had its charity status stripped by the ACNC on Monday. Clearly governments are taking a strong stand – you will now have to donate from your post-tax income if you wish to support trespassing, property damage, and privacy invasion.

Generation Liberty is hosting a screening of the new documentary The Rise of Jordan Peterson at the University of Melbourne on Wednesday, 27 November. The IPA is excited to announce additional screenings open to the public in Brisbane on Tuesday, 26 November, and Melbourne on Tuesday, 3 December. Make sure to book your tickets before they sell out!

Article of the week:

“What is left of American national dignity requires that the audience mount the stage, stop the media auto-da-fé and let their congressmen and senators know that this farce must end,” wrote Conrad Black at American Greatness on Tuesday about the ongoing impeachment process that is making “the United States appear ridiculous – to itself and to the world”.

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Last week Peter Thiel gave the keynote address to the Manhattan Institute about what technological change means for freedom. Thiel argues that artificial intelligence, like the automated algorithms that Google use, could be used by authoritarian regimes to solve the Hayekian “knowledge problem“. Thiel argues this is why the Chinese Communist Party is so supportive of AI: Technology is often the enemy of freedom.

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