What Triggered The Q&A Audience Most?

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4 April 2019
What Triggered The Q&A Audience Most? - Featured image

“You can’t complain about young people embracing socialism when you’re embracing progressive taxes” was John Roskam’s message for the Liberal party in his Facebook Live video with Gideon Rozner released minutes after the budget came out:


Kurt Wallace was our mole in the budget lock-up in Canberra – he described the budget as “half-good” in his media release, here.

Here’s some good news you won’t see on the ABC: despite claims climate change is making natural disasters worse climate related deaths decreased by 96% in the last 100 years (even though population increased by 300%):

That’s from the Cato Institute’s excellent Human Progress Twitter account which you should visit if you’re feeling down about the state of the world.

John Roskam was on Q&A on Monday. I can’t decide which bit triggered the Q&A audience most – when John told Tony Jones the ABC should be privatised, pointed out how many decades the national debt will take to repay, or said that the Greens are worse for Australia than One Nation.

“Throwing media executives in jail…is a blatant attack on the freedom of the media” said Andrew Bushnell of laws just passed by the federal parliament that create criminal penalties for media companies if users share material created by terrorists and violent criminals during the commission of their crimes.

The ‘tolerance’ brigade are the most intolerant people in society example #79,286: 37% of Remainers would mind if a relative married a strong Leaver. But how many of those xenophobic little Englanders who voted to leave would care if a relative married a strong Remainer? Just 9%.

A new study from the Queensland University of Technology has found that the term ‘cyclist’ is dehumanising. Researchers have suggested we use the term ‘people who ride bikes’. The report’s authors also said they prefer to be referred to as ‘people who waste taxpayers’ money’.

Professor Mark Bauerlein’s tour of Australia is next week! Book tickets for “Why the words of Western Civilisation must endure” in Melbourne (almost sold out!), Brisbane, and Sydney here.

Article of the week:

Theodore Dalrymple wrote in City Journal on Monday that British Prime Minister Theresa May was typical of the class that has gradually attained power in Britain, “unoriginal, vacillating, humorless, prey to the latest bad ideas, intellectually mediocre, believing in nothing very much, mistaking obstinacy for strength, timid but nevertheless avid for power.” Tell us what you really think!

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Andrew Bushnell

As the child of a working class family who has become one of the world’s most celebrated political philosophers, Sir Roger Scruton understands better than most the importance of social mobility as an alternative to destructive class warfare. In this essay in UnHerd last week, Scruton reflects on how class persists as a moral, rather than economic, category, and how that dynamic has shaped his life and the politics of the United Kingdom.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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