What I’m hearing from Australians – IPA Keeping in Touch – 25 May 2020

What I’m hearing from Australians – IPA Keeping in Touch – 25 May 2020

Dear IPA Members

One of things that I love about my job here at the IPA is that it puts me in contact with so many Australians from so many different walks of life.

You might know me from sending out the IPA’s weekly email Hey…What Did I Miss on Thursdays and co-hosting The Young IPA Podcast on Tuesdays and Fridays. But I also manage the IPA’s social media channels and help distribute our videos and other podcasts, like the recent releases of The Heretic podcast (which has leapt to number 7 on the iTunes charts for all news podcasts in Australia over the weekend) and our We Want To Work video. Doing all this means I am constantly talking to people – IPA members through Hey, our listeners through the podcasts, the people we talk to for our videos like the real stories we highlighted in We Want To Work and regular Australians through our social media channels.

This means I’m always hearing new opinions and perspectives on the political issues facing Australians, which stops me falling into the ‘bubbles’ of hearing only one perspective on issues we so often see politicians and bureaucrats falling into.

It also means I am constantly talking to other young people across Australia. The IPA is committed to engaging with 10% of young people in Australia every week, which is 300,000 young Australians. Last week we reached 32,989 young people across the country across all of our digital platforms and channels and in a week when we release a major Generation Liberty video targeted at young people, such as What I Wasn’t Told About Climate Change, we will reach more than 80,000 young people. And in case you were wondering the What I Wasn’t Told videos on Climate Change and Donald Trump have now been watched 526,165 times (What I Wasn’t Told About Donald Trump had 326,122 views and What I Wasn’t Told About Climate Change had 200,043 views), making them our most watched videos targeted at young people.

We also hear from young people through our other projects such as Generation Liberty, the IPA Review (which IPA members would have received over the weekend) and another podcast of ours The Looking Forward Podcast. Generation Liberty will soon launch the first edition of Generation Liberty’s book club podcast Better Read Than Dead. The first edition is a very insightful conversation on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness featuring Dr Bella d’Abrera, Generation Liberty Assistant Theodora Pantelich and Monash University IPA Campus Coordinator Luca Rossi. Looking Forward , hosted by Scott Hargreaves and Chris Berg is an excellent podcast to listen to if you want in depth conversations about the week in politics, is now averaging around 4,500 downloads per week, having seen a steady increase in listeners over the lockdown.

Being 26 years of age, I feel I get a decent idea of what young people are thinking about politics when I talk to my friends, but having access to the thoughts of this many young people across Australia makes sure I’m in touch with large cross-sections of the community.

So for my Keeping in Touch email, I thought I’d give you some idea of what I’ve been hearing from people across Australia about coronavirus, the effects of the economic lockdowns and what people think of the IPA’s work.

The first thing I realised when the lockdowns came in was how hungry people were for news and analysis. I know for myself the second I set up my home office in my sharehouse living room, Sky immediately became an all-day feature on the TV and my housemates, who I have never heard give an opinion on any political matter in all my years of knowing them, suddenly became glued to every press conference, every interview with an economist, and started pointing out with excitement every time they saw one of my co-workers on the TV.

This is reflected in what I’ve been seeing on the IPA’s social media channels. We’ve been seeing a jump in new people coming to our Facebook page and people engaging with our content. Through the lockdown, we’ve seen a doubling of the amount of new people coming to our Facebook page per week and now 16,427 people like us on Facebook. In one week in April we reached 103,365 people around the world through our Facebook content, when we usually average around 8,000 to 35,000 a week. On Twitter, we’ve added over 1,000 followers since the lockdown began and we now have 16,309 people following the IPA Twitter account for our analysis.

Some of our individual projects have also blown us away in terms of how successful they have been. Our video Begin To End The Lockdown Now has had over 600,000 views. Dave Rubin’s appearance on The Young IPA Podcast, which my co-host Peter Gregory told you about in his Keeping in Touch email last week, has now had over 42,000 downloads. Our video calling for a repeal of Section 487 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, which we believe is going to be instrumental in the economic recovery from coronavirus lockdowns, has had over 44,000 views.

Australians are hungry for news and analysis about coronavirus and the effects of the economic lockdown, and they are flooding to the IPA’s Facebook and Twitter pages to hear what we have to say.

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