We Should Show Kim Jong-Un Our Debate

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14 June 2018
We Should Show Kim Jong-Un Our Debate - Featured image

This is how bad Australia’s business investment problem is – it is lower now than it was under Whitlam:

Read the transcript of Daniel Wild’s speech to the Australian Libertarian Society’s Friedman Conference on why tax reform is needed to get business investment back on track. Meanwhile, President Trump’s tax reforms sent the US to the top of the IMD Competitiveness Center’s global rankings.>

Thursday was the last of our series of Generation Liberty ‘Capitalism v Socialism’ debates that were hosted at universities across Australia. Watch some of the highlights of IPA Campus Coordinator Renee Gorman and Research Fellow Matthew Lesh at the University of Sydney:

We had a huge crowd at the event – after all, who wouldn’t have gone after Renee’s terrific video advertising it! To keep up to date with future Generation Liberty events, make sure you like the Facebook page or, if you’re under 25,become a Generation Liberty Member of the IPA with our new special deal.

One thing we can guarantee at Generation Liberty events is that we won’t segregate our audience members. That’s what is happening at performances of Where We Stand at the Victorian College of the Arts right now.

Prager U’s latest video with Dr Jordan Peterson – Dangerous People are Teaching Your Kids – was published on Monday and could not come out at a better time. Watch Peterson explain the “unholy trinity of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Add this photo to the list of things you would never have believed four years ago. Daniel R. DePetris in Reason on Monday called the Trump/Kim summit a success, saying the two nations “are on the road towards a legitimate diplomatic process”. The National Review editors on Tuesday were not as pleased , saying “The buttering up of Kim would at least be a little more understandable if he had made major concessions at the summit.”

Ontario’s election last week was a humiliating and crushing defeat for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, which went from being in government to losing official party status overnight. Peter Shawn Taylor wrote in the Financial Post on Tuesday that the election was a revolt over high energy prices caused by poor government policy.

If you’re going to be woke, don’t get hungry. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey apologised for ordering a sandwich from Chick-fil-A during Pride Month because Chick-fil-A donates to causes opposing same sex marriage.

Featuring Johnathan Blanks, Cato and Dr Bella d’Abrera, IPA

“The government has decided that whatever it wants to diminish or discourage it decides to use the criminal law to do it. And so you get to this point where people digging in their back yards is against federal regulation and they’re facing jail time for it.”

– Johnathan Blanks, Cato

Article of the week:

Charles Krauthammer, one of the world’s great conservative commentators, announced last week that he only has weeks to live in his farewell note to his readers. If you want to look back through his work, The Weekly Standard compiled every article he ever wrote for them.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Andrew Bushnell

There have been a lot of articles written about identity politics, but very few have been as insightful as this essay by Coleman Hughes in Quillette last week, which raises serious questions about the coherence of defining people by historical circumstances that may or may not apply to them as individuals.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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