They Will Never Take Our Beer

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19 July 2018
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America has left us behind in lowering corporate tax. Now according to the IMF, Australia has the second most to lose globally (p. 21) in revenue from multinational corporations if we don’t respond with meaningful business tax cuts of our own:

For all you need to know about Australia’s corporate tax rate, read Daniel Wild’s Parliamentary Research Brieffrom February.

The twitter mob will shame Scarlett Johansson for playing a transgender man, but if you advocate an ideology that killed 100 million people, they’ll love you for it! Last week young British activist Ash Sarkar yelled, “I’m a communist, you idiot! ” at Piers Morgan only to be  lauded in Teen Vogue. As Douglas Murray wrote in theSpectator USA, “the right knows where it can go wrong, the left does not.

If Sarkar really wanted to help the oppressed masses, she would watch this – Hernando de Soto explaining to Nick Gillespie how blockchain technologies and social media can secure property rights for the world’s poor in this wonderful 20 minute video from Reason last Friday.

This is a fascinating 1,100 word insight into the psychology of a former “social justice crusader” who ended up being “publicly shamed, mobbed, and reduced to a symbol of male privilege” for his own transgression – “I was the mob until the mob came for me” in Quillette on Saturday.

If viral videos like the Sarkar one above are getting you down, don’t worry, they won’t be around for long! Climate change is going to kill the internet in 15 years according to a new study. I hope it wasn’t by the same people who predicted environmental catastrophe would end civilisation by the year 2000.

And in a victory for enterprise that would make Adam Smith proud, a flourishing booze black market has emerged in Scotland in response to new minimum-unit pricing for alcohol.

Tony Abbott, Archbishop Julian Porteous, High Court Chief Justice Susan Kiefel and many other great speakers will discuss freedom of religion, the monarchy, and upholding the Australian Constitution at the Samuel Griffith Society’s conference in Brisbane on 3-5 August. Register here.

Featuring Steve Baxter, Shark Tank and Bo Sergeant, IPA

“With corporations, if they make decisions to cater to a certain part of the audience by banning plastic bags or straws or whatever it is – I don’t mind, provided it’s a free choice. It’s how much they pander to government. We’re a society that loves to be deregulated, but we ask for regulations all the time. And then we complain when we get them. It’s almost an Australian disease.”

– Steve Baxter, Shark Tank

Article of the week:

Former Thatcher speechwriter John O’Sullivan wrote the definitive 2,400 word account of the Brexit surrender in National Review on Tuesday. It reveals all the deceitful details and why a “hard Brexit has a better chance of becoming law” than the Chequers compromise.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Daniel Wild

President Trump has real life experience. This makes him better at negotiating than foreign policy experts, journalists, and academics, writes Dov Fischer. Fischer astutely notes that CNN news hosts, correspondents, and the editorial staffs of The New York Times and Washington Post didn’t even have the courage to stand up to their co-workers who engaged in sexual and psychological abuse. Yet they think they could stand up to Putin. I’ll stick with Trump, thanks.

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