The Truth About The Great Barrier Reef

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14 November 2019
The Truth About The Great Barrier Reef - Featured image

Forget everything you’ve been told about the Great Barrier Reef dying. The IPA’s latest short film presented by Dr Jennifer Marohasy shows how claims that the Great Barrier Reef is in crisis are not true.

Questioning the alarmism about the Great Barrier Reef is what got Dr Peter Ridd dismissed from James Cook University – if you don’t know his story watch our short documentary here.

Is real Brexit dead since the Brexit Party won’t contest any conservative-held seats in the UK election? Henry Hill wrote in CapX that the deal lets Nigel Farage hold Boris Johnson’s “feet to the fire” over Brexit after the election. But Joanna Williams in Spiked said on Tuesday that “this is a slap in the face for everyone who in 2016 voted to leave the EU.”

“Measures of wealth inequality do not tell us anything about the well-being of the poor” says an important new report Exploring Wealth Inequality from the Cato Institute released last week. As authors Chris Edwards and Ryan Bourne say, if you want to reduce inequality then stop “cronyist programs” and start “reducing barriers to wealth-building by moderate-income households.”

Hillary Clinton was asked why she didn’t include Margaret Thatcher in her new book The Book of Gutsy Women. Apparently Thatcher didn’t fit the criteria of “knocking down barriers for others.” Does Clinton not know how hard it is to become the first female elected to a country’s highest office?

This Saturday will mark 13 years since the death of Milton Friedman. Dan Hannan in The Washington Examiner on Monday reflected on his legacy, saying “Friedman did as much as anyone to end the Keynesian consensus and offer a popular alternative to socialist economics.”

Exciting news from Generation Liberty which is proud to be hosting the screenings of the new documentary The Rise of Jordan Peterson at the University of Western Australia on Wednesday the 20th, and the University of Melbourne on Wednesday the 27th of November. Details of other screenings will be available soon.

Article of the week:

The current culture war against intersectionality is tougher than previous culture wars, wrote Peter Boghossian in The American Mind last week wrote in this brilliant essay. Intersectionality is “far more threatening to a society founded on Enlightenment principles” than previous challenges, and “has made allies out of former ideological enemies” as people battle to protect the idea of objective truth.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Scott Hargreaves

In light of Remembrance Day, I was struck by this podcast and National Review article by renowned military historian Victor Davis Hanson where he argues that the Allies, by agreeing to an Armistice just as they were finally winning the war, allowed the German leadership to foment the great myth of the ‘stab in the back’ – the philosophy of peace at any price only stored up trouble for later.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:​

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