The Economist Should Hire Jacinta Allan

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9 August 2018
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The US economic recovery should be the biggest story in the world right now. Last week we told you about America’s prediction-busting growth rate. This week, it’s the unemployment rate of 3.9% announced on Friday:

The best way to help minorities is cut taxes and red tape. July’s figure of 3.9% wasn’t quite the 18 year low of 3.8% recorded in May, but record lows were registered for Hispanics(4.5%) and high school drop outs (5.1%). As we’ve told you previously, African American unemployment hit a record low in May (5.9%). Imagine how good things would be without tariff increases!

Censorship by massive corporations is strangely “liberals’ new favourite thing” Brendan O’Neill noted in Spiked on Tuesday after the expulsion of Alex Jones’ Infowars podcast from Apple, and the removal of his accounts from Facebook, Spotify and YouTube.

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Big corporations needn’t bother with censorship – the government will do it for them. This morning Victorian transport minister Jacinta Allan banned Sky News from Melbourne’s train stations because the content isn’t “appropriate“. Watch her train wreck interview on Sky from a couple of hours ago. Yep, this is the person who decides what’s “appropriate” for Melbourne’s commuters.

It wasn’t a great fortnight for the cheerleaders of climate armageddon. First, IPA guest Bjorn Lomborg caught The Economist fibbing about bushfire damage – as he says “the US is smouldering less, not more”:

Second, National Geographic was forced to admit last week that the most viewed video on their website ever – estimated to have reached an incredible 2.5 billion people – “went too far”. Released last year, the video used footage of a dying polar bear and stated “this is what climate change looks like”. They have since conceded “there is no way to know” why the bear was dying.

A roofing contractor in East London has been fined £300 for having a rubbish bag full of chip packets and sandwich wrappers in his van. He was pulled over by council workers performing “spot checks” and was fined because he didn’t have a “waste carriers’ license”. It’s not like there’s any other major social problems in London for the government to occupy themselves with…

You’ve probably always wondered how high the shelf of a mailbox library, which provides free books to neighbourhood children, should be. Police in New Jersey have the answer – two and a half feet! They warned a family there that they would shut their front yard library down because the structure used to house the books was above two and a half feet high.

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“Once young people enter the workforce, they’re no longer as left wing…a majority supported smaller government in terms of lower taxes and fewer services. Saying that a clear majority are progressive socialist activists doesn’t cut the mustard.”

– Matthew Lesh, IPA

Article of the week:

People who believe in free speech are defending Alex Jones, not because they like him or anything he stands for, but because leftists apply double standards under the vague “rubric of anti-hate measures” and because they “won’t leave it at Jones” wrote Ben Shapiro in National Review on Tuesday.

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