16 September 2016

Submission On Exposure Draft Of Superannuation Legislation

Superannuation lies at the heart of important national policy questions about taxes, spending, personal responsibility and the role of government. Almost a quarter of a century after the introduction of compulsory superannuation, four out of five Australians do not have enough savings to fully fund their retirement. Yet rather than identify new ways to encourage all Australians to put more
8 September 2016

Opening Remarks To Victorian Parliament Ride Sourcing Inquiry

Regulatory decisions surrounding the ridesharing industry are of critical importance to the Victorian economy because they will set a precedent for the disruptive potential of the sharing economy more broadly. The most general principle underpinning our submission is the idea of ‘permissionless innovation’. That is, we believe a quality regulatory system, one that deals well with disruptive technologies and business
19 August 2016

Submission To The Productivity Commission Draft Report Of The Regulation Of Agriculture

The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) welcomes this Productivity Commission Draft report (henceforth the ‘Draft’) on the Regulation of Agriculture and encourages the focus on the impact of regulation and red tape on this primary industry. While Australian agricultural production is expected to rise to over $60 billion for the first time this financial year, productivity and competitiveness headwinds remain.
6 March 2014

Submission: Review Of The National Curriculum

A significant focus of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program is in education, ensuring that the next generation is capable of learning and understanding our past and heritage in the most  academic and informative ways possible. In our submission to the Department of Education’s review of the National Curriculum, the IPA stressed the negative impact which the national curriculum posed