Cross-Curriculum Priorities and the Teaching of History in NSW

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6 October 2020
Cross-Curriculum Priorities and the Teaching of History in NSW - Featured image

The Institute of Public Affairs is committed to undertaking research to promote the importance of Western Civilisation in Australian society. The Foundations of Western Civilisation Program was established in 2011 to defend and extend Australians’ understanding of the influential, historical role of the West in establishing many of the liberties enjoyed by Australians today. A significant focus of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program is on education, ensuring that the next generation is capable of learning and understanding our past and heritage in the most academic and informative ways possible.

As part of this research program, the IPA has investigated the NSW school curriculum in the context of the Masters Curriculum Review and the further inquiry into the New South Wales School Curriculum undertaken by the Parliament’s Portfolio Committee

No. 3- Education.
This document addresses the inquiry’s following Terms of Reference:
3. (a) To what extent, if any ‘cross-curriculum priorities’ are needed to guide
classroom content and teaching;
3. (d) Adequacy of the content and depth of teaching of Australian history, pre and post 1788.

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