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1 March 2018
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Red tape and high taxes make it too hard to start a business in Australia. Had business creation continued at pre-GFC levels, there would be 250,000 more businesses in Australia today:
That’s from ABS statistics released last week. Read Matthew Lesh’s Parliamentary Research Briefsent to federal politicians this afternoon on this very important subject.

Peter Gregory and I had the honour of having North Korean defector Eunhee Park on The Young IPA Podcast last week to talk about what it was like to grow up in North Korea and how she managed to escape. You can listen to the powerful interview and full show on iTunesSoundCloudthe IPA website and below.

Lionel Shriver’s excellent 3,900 word essay in Prospect Magazine last week describes how the fear of causing offence is destroying fiction. Hey readers might remember Shriver becoming an international villain for defending cultural appropriation at the Brisbane Writers’ Festival in 2016.

Newsweek is hopelessly in debt and hanging by a thread. Will Oremus’ 3,800 word analysis in Slate of Newsweek’s stunning collapse serves as a warning of what happens when media organisations pursue clicks over content. So I guess the article Newsweek published comparing Trump to Manson is still a mistake then.

It’s been a tough few weeks for Justin Trudeau. As if saying “peoplekind” instead of mankind wasn’t enough, The Daily Mail now reports his trip to India is getting mocked for all of the “fake, tacky and annoying” outfits he’s wearing to make himself look like a local. I doubt Trudeau will engage with this until The Daily Mail becomes The Daily People. 

Trudeau should just take a leaf out of Michael Wolff’s book and pretend he can’t hear the criticisms. Watch the Fire and Fury author fake not being able to hear questions from Ben Fordham on Today about some of Wolff’s outlandish statements. The audio was working perfectly.

There’s only a few tickets left for Robert Tombs’ lecture in Melbourne! Come hear one of Britain’s leading historians on the topic “Why Western Civilisation is our Future”.

Featuring Eunhee Park, North Korean defector, and Simon Breheny, Institute of Public Affairs

“I asked my grandma ‘why do I live like this? I don’t want to live in this country anymore’ and my grandma told me ‘there is no future, there is no hope in this country. If you want to live like a human being you go to another country.'”

– Eunhee Park, North Korean defector

Article of the week:

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says the Parkdale massacre shows that the police, and the state, need more power. Mark Steyn slams him for this on his blog, saying “Any foreigners wanting to know why claims to leave it to an all-powerful state don’t resonate with half of America need look no further than Scott Israel”.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Scott Hargreaves

Douglas Murray in The Spectator reminds us what an exciting time this is for people who love freedom, intellectual inquiry, and honest and thoughtful debate. The internet and YouTube has spawned what Eric Weinstein dubbed the “The Intellectual Dark Web”, which with brilliant Internet TV like The Rubin Report, models what the public sphere should actually be like.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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