Run For Your Lives, Daniel Andrews Has A Solution

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16 August 2018
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We’ve got a great episode of The Young IPA Podcast coming tomorrow – we’re talking to the excellent Douglas Murray, Associate Editor of The Spectator and author of the new book The Strange Death of Europe. Here’s a brief clip of us talking about how politicians are only called “populist” when the political elite disagree with them:

There’s still time to catch Douglas Murray in Australia! Tickets are available for his event in Brisbane on Sunday here.

The Paris Climate Agreement will cost Australia $52 billion between 2018-2030. This is $8,566 per family. That’s the takeaway from the IPA’s new report released on Monday Why Australia must withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, authored by Daniel Wild. As Daniel points out, this could purchase 22 new hospitals.

The IPA is delighted to today launch our new podcast The Great Books of Literature, featuring John Roskam and Andrew Bolt talking about their ten favourite books and the impact each have had on the Western canon. The first episode sees John and Andrew discuss Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. You can listen on iTunes,  Podbean and our website.

If you thought Daniel’s report was bad enough news about the future of electricity prices, it’s about to become worse for our Victorian readers – Premier Daniel Andrews is on the case. He said “privatisation and deregulation has gone too far” and the government needs more control in the electricity market in his “State of the State” speech yesterday.

In July we told you how Scarlett Johansson fell victim to the outrage mob for accepting the role of a transgender man when she’s not transgender. This week comedian Jack Whitehall is in trouble for accepting the role of a gay character, and Ruby Rose quit Twitter after the mob told her she wasn’t gay enough to play a lesbian superhero. Hollywood’s in trouble next time it has to cast a Nazi.

Come along to a great discussion on democracy, freedom and faith in the 21st century with Greg Sheridan, John Roskam and Dr Bella d’Abrera in Brisbane on 13 September and Melbourne on 18 September. You can purchase Greg’s new book God Is Good For You on the night. Email Fransisca Meiling at the IPA on [email protected] or call 03 9600 4744 to register.

Featuring Brendan O’Neill, Spiked

“Over a period of four or five decades really there’s just been this massive gap that’s opened up between political elites and ordinary people so that we end up with a situation like today where they increasingly don’t understand us, and we increasingly do not understand them. And I think that’s given rise to a new form of tension that in recent months, and in recent years has really come to the surface.”

– Brendan O’Neill, Spiked

Article of the week:

This week’s article of the week is long but it’s a cracker. You have to read Emory University Professor Mark Bauerlein’s 4,000 word essay in the Summer edition of the Claremont Review of Books on the works of David Horowitz. One of our favourite guests on The Young IPA Podcast , Bauerlein writes “as long as the Left has influence in American politics, we’ll be caught in a culture war whether we like it or not.”

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: John Roskam

I never tire of reading articles by progressive/left writers attempting to understand the popularity of Jordan Peterson. This piece from The Atlantic last week is the most recent entry into that genre. The author answers her own question when she says – ‘With identity politics off the table, it was possible to talk about all kinds of things – religion, philosophy, history, myth – in a different way. They could have a direct experience with ideas, not one mediated by ideology.’ As we say here at the IPA – DUH!

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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