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27 June 2019
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Woke capitalism has continued its fight against Israel Folau this week with GoFundMe removing Folau’s fundraising campaign, and ANZ condemning Maria Folau for the crime of supporting her husband. Here’s what IPA staff think about the rise of an illiberal culture that seeks to control and silence people from expressing their views:

Folau’s new fundraiser hosted by the Australian Christian Lobby has raised over $2 million in just two days, showing that Australians care deeply about freedom of religion. They have stopped taking donations but you can pledge your support here.

Scott Morrison put cutting red tape on the Government’s agenda on Monday, arguing that we “need to bust regulatory congestion” to remove “obstacles to business investment.” Daniel Wild said in The Australian on Tuesday cutting red tape “will allow more Australians to reach their potential.”

The IPA’s ‘Cut Red Tape to Unleash Prosperity’ project has made the case for cutting red tape over the last three years. You can read our research here.

Google has been diligently training their algorithms to “make sure they are ready for 2020” to prevent “the next Trump situation” the latest Project Veritas investigation revealed. A Google whistle-blower explained how Google alters search results and recommendations to direct people away from centre-right media providers such as YouTuber Dave Rubin. Dave spoke to The Young IPA Podcast in February about the challenge new media possess for established power.

The report also revealed internal correspondence from Google’s transparency and ethics group describing prominent Jewish conservatives Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro as “Nazis”. Remember, these are the people who have a program aimed at teaching children how to spot “fake news”.

The race for the Democratic Presidential nomination has quickly devolved into an outlandish spending contest, with Senator Bernie Sanders proposing a $2.2 trillion plan to cancel all student debt and make university completely free. His plan blows rival Elizabeth Warren out of the water whose plan comes with the low-energy price tag of just $1 trillion.

Dr Peter Ridd’s appearance on Looking Forward last week is the most popular episode of the show. Peter spoke about his legal case with James Cook University following his chapter in the IPA’s Climate Change: The Facts 2017. Because of this, we’ve put two more chapters online – Dr Jennifer Marohasy and Dr John Abbot on how ocean acidification isn’t a catastrophe for the Great Barrier Reef, and the great Clive James on the hysteria of climate change alarmism.

Jacinta Price will be embarking on a speaking tour across Australia in late August and early September on the real issues faced by Indigenous Australians. Check out the details of the tour and secure your tickets when they go on sale here.

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Article of the week:

lt isn’t the words that matter, but the identity of the person speaking them” wrote Douglas Murray in The Spectator on Monday. Murray explores the inconsistent application of the rules of public engagement following the police investigation into a poorly received joke by comedian Jo Brand. Murray explains how this problem is amplified when certain people have access to the bully-pulpit of the whole BBC establishment.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Gideon Rozner 

Embarrassing as it is to admit it now, I was never particularly enthusiastic about Donald Trump as a candidate. But since he has taken office, Trump has won me over – and then some. And I’m not the only one. In this interview with Reason’s Nick Gillespie, CEO of online retailer Overstock and reformed never-Trumper Patrick Byrne praises the President’s performance, including on issues that have been ‘sticking points’ for libertarians, like trade policy.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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