Race Has No Place In The Constitution

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10 July 2019
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“The Morrison Government should commit to working with all Australians – and reverse its misconceived plans to divide Australians by race”, said Daniel Wild, Director of Research with the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt will this today pledge to “bring forward a consensus option” during this term of parliament to amend the Constitution to enshrine an “Indigenous Voice” to Parliament.

“Proposals to insert race into our nation’s founding document are radical, illiberal, and a violation of all principles of racial equality. Race has no place in Australia’s Constitution.”

“91% of Australians voted in 1967 to change the Constitution to remove references to race. This was an important step towards achieving equality for indigenous Australians.”

“It is disappointing that now, 52 years later, both major political parties want to put race back into the Constitution.”

“Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians are all first and foremost Australians who share a common country, legal system, and destiny.”

“A ‘voice’ is not able to represent only one segment of the Australian population, because all policy decisions apply to all Australians regardless of their race.”

“The dignity of Indigenous Australians demands that they be treated the same as non-Indigenous Australians, which means being included and represented in a common national body: the Australian Parliament.”

“The government must not ask Australians to divide themselves by race. Even just asking the question will forever divide Australians on racial grounds.”

“All Australians are equal. The legal status of Australians should not be determined by skin colour or racial background,” said Mr Wild.

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