Proposed Religious Freedom Laws Are Dangerous And Counter-Productive

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13 December 2018
Proposed Religious Freedom Laws Are Dangerous And Counter-Productive - Featured image

“The Morrison government’s proposed religious discrimination laws will be a ticking time bomb for freedom of belief in Australia,” said Morgan Begg, Research Fellow and author of the Institute of Public Affairs’ submission to the Religious Freedom Review.

“You can’t solve the problem of anti-discrimination laws by passing more anti-discrimination laws.”

“The only way to protect religious freedom is to remove laws that currently place restrictions on religious thought and practice.”

“It is deeply concerning that the federal government has committed to passing new laws and to effectively regulate religion in Australia. This is a significant threat to the freedom of conscience of all Australians.

“The proposed laws set a precedent for a future Labor/Greens government to further restrict the rights of Australian to practice their faith.

“After the outrageous behaviour of the Australian Human Rights Commission in recent discrimination cases, particularly the QUT Section 18C case, laws which as proposed would give the AHRC ‘a leading role in the protection of freedom of religion’ should be strongly opposed.

“The AHRC should be abolished, not be given even more power over the lives of Australians.

“Freedom, whether exercised for a religious purpose or not, should only be limited where the exercise of that freedom impacts another person’s freedom or peaceful use and enjoyment of their own property,” said Mr Begg.

The IPA’s Report into Religious Liberty in Australia is available here.

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