Poll: Australians Say Footy Has Become Too Politically Correct

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8 July 2020
Poll: Australians Say Footy Has Become Too Politically Correct - Featured image

“Australians have had a gutful of their favourite past-times being dominated by the narrow obsessions of Australia’s sporting elite,” said Morgan Begg, research fellow at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

A poll of 1,011 Australians was commissioned by the IPA and undertaken by marketing research firm Dynata between 19-23 December 2019. It asked Australians to agree or disagree with the statement “Sporting codes like the AFL and NRL have become too politically correct”. The results were:

  • 51% agree
  • 33% neither agree or disagree
  • 17% disagree

“Australians watch the footy to watch footy, not to get woke sermons about what political or moral views they should hold,” said Mr Begg.

“This poll reveals the divisions between the corporate elite who control organisations like the AFL and the community which is expected to accept the AFL’s posturing as an additional price of being members or fans of footy clubs.”

“The AFL spent millions supporting the ‘Recognise’ campaign which supported the divisive proposal to divide Australians by race in the constitution, only to have it rejected by indigenous Australians. While Rugby Australia alienated their own fans by persecuting Israel Folau for his religious beliefs.”

“Footy is an escape from politics, fans shouldn’t have politically correct virtue signalling thrown in their face,” said Mr Begg.

Download the polling research.

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