20 Policies To Fix Australia

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12 April 2019
20 Policies To Fix Australia - Featured image

15 Policies The Coalition Should Implement But Will Not And 5 Policies They Should Not Implement But Will

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A Statement on Liberal Philosophy

Individual freedom is the central animating theme of liberalism.

Governments exist and hold their legitimacy insofar as they protect the economic, social, and political freedoms of all Australians.

Economic freedom is given life through the free enterprise system, which is a combination of free markets, free trade, the rule of law, and private property.

The free enterprise system is the only economic system which can generate material prosperity, provide opportunity, and respect the principle of reward for effort.

Liberalism provides social and cultural freedom through the cornerstone freedoms of speech, association, and religion.

These freedoms provide all Australians with a private sphere within which they can develop their own lives, families, and communities free from government coercion.

Liberalism delivers political freedom through the rule of law, equality before the law, and Parliamentary Democracy which protect individuals from the arbitrary use of government power.

Liberalism holds that individuals are accountable for their own actions, assumes the existence of free will and human autonomy, and recognises the inherent dignity and necessity of work over welfare.

A successful liberal order relies upon a robust civil society of private charity, philanthropy, and community and religious organisations which inculcate a spirit of freedom in society.

The future of Australia as a free and prosperous nation depends on today’s generation passing down these liberal institutions uncorrupted to the next
generation of Australians.

(Click here to download the full list of policies.)

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