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1 February 2018
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On Tuesday, Bill Shorten said the ALP will fight for a “real living wage“. What about the living wages of the 700,000 unemployed people who don’t have a job because Australia already has the second highest minimum wage of any major economy?

In Australia in 2017 if you stand up for academic freedom and scientific integrity you risk having your private emails trawled through by your employer. To support Professor Peter Ridd’s case in the Federal Circuit Court to ensure his right to argue for scientific integrity, click here, read the IPA’s media release here , and watch his 2-minute video on the case here:

Peter’s chapter in the IPA’s Climate Change: The Facts 2017 started all the trouble. The book has now sold almost 10,000 copies, to grab yours, click here.

The Turnbull government’s so-called ‘donation reform’ is as big a threat to freedom of speech in Australia as Section 18C – read Gideon Rozner’s submission here.

Can you guess what was wrong with Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech this week? Yep…you got it…he said “America” too many times according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

On Trump, this is an excellent detailed analysis of his red tape agenda from the Mercatus Center on Tuesday. The takeaway? His first year was better than his predecessors “by a long shot”.

Do not dress for the job you want, rather than the one you have, if you are in Rotterdam. Young men are having their clothes confiscated if police think they are too poor to afford them.

If you’ve been listening to The Young IPA Podcast, you’d be aware that California is attempting to fine waiters $1,000 for offering unsolicited plastic straws. This week it’s emerged in the US that the environmental data on which this measure is based came from… a 9 year old kid.

Article of the week:

This is a wonderfully optimistic 1,800 word speech espousing the free market by UK Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss this week. The best bit is when she suspects Jeremy Corbyn is organising a “Bitcoin Miners’ Strike”.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Daniel Wild

“All of America is applauding while they are sitting,” said a 14-year-old from Pennsylvania who was watching President Trump’s State of the Union Address with her family. Salena Zito in the New York Post describes a suburban family’s reaction to President Trump’s speech. It shows how important it is for leaders to celebrate national values, and the heroes who exemplify those values, if they are to achieve lasting policy change.


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