Young Australians Full Of Optimism About The Future

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30 December 2016
Young Australians Full Of Optimism About The Future - Featured image

The IPA’s “Growing Freedom: Survey of Young Australians” report has identified that young people are overwhelmingly positive about their own future, and also positive about the future of Australia.

The IPA’s “Growing Freedom: Survey of Young Australians” is a wide-ranging study of over a thousand young Australians aged between 16 and 25. Respondents were asked a series of questions about democracy, freedom of speech, political language, economic policies, as well as questions about the future of Australia and themselves.

The findings show that these young Australians have an entrepreneurial spirit with 60 per cent of young Australians interested in starting their own business one day [See Figure 1 on next page]. They are also extremely aspirational. 75 per cent are positive about their own futures, with 69 per cent expecting to have a better standard of living in ten years’ time. 58 per cent are positive about Australia’s future and look forward to economic growth.

The majority of young Australians (52 per cent) who have entered the workforce support smaller
government, fewer services and low taxes. Young Australians believe we can help the economy by cutting government spending by 5% (55 per cent) and cutting taxes (53 per cent) [See Figure 2].

Young Australians rate physical security issues as their biggest fear for the future, with a substantial number nominating terrorism (28 per cent), followed by economic collapse (24 per cent) and climate change (24 per cent) [See Figure 3].

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