Triggs-Lite Appointment A Disgrace

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20 June 2017
Triggs-Lite Appointment A Disgrace - Featured image

“The federal government’s decision to appoint Rosalind Croucher as the next President of the Australian Human Rights Commission represents a failure to defend fundamental human rights in Australia,” said Morgan Begg, Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.

“Rosalind Croucher will be a Triggs-lite appointment. Appointing a person with no apparent commitment to freedom of speech erases the government’s good work in attempting to expand our liberal democratic rights by reforming section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act earlier this year.”

“Under Croucher, the erosion of our freedoms by the Australian Human Rights Commission will likely continue.”

“If the government will not appoint people to the Commission that will defend individual liberties such as freedom of speech, then the Commission should be abolished,” said Mr Begg.

Read Morgan Begg’s article in The Spectator Australia: Filling Triggs’ Shoes here.

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