Repeal, Not Reform, Of Section 18C The Only Way Forward For Free Speech: IPA

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13 December 2016
Repeal, Not Reform, Of Section 18C The Only Way Forward For Free Speech: IPA - Featured image

Free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs is calling for the full repeal of section 18C as the only adequate protection for freedom of speech, in a comprehensive submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into freedom of speech in Australia released today.

“Section 18C is a significant and dangerous restriction on the human right to freedom of speech. Its problems are so fundamental that the only solution is the complete repeal of the law,” said Simon Breheny, Director of Policy at the IPA.

“Arbitrary limits on freedom of speech are wrong in principle, undermine democracy, and threaten social cohesion.”

“Section 18C violates our rights, chills public debate and divides our community.”

“The IPA report concludes that there is no solution to protect freedom of speech short of the full repeal of section 18C.”

You can download and read the IPA’s full report The case for the repeal of section 18C here.

For media and comment: Simon Breheny, Director of Policy, Institute of Public Affairs, on 0400 967 382 or at [email protected]

Or contact Evan Mulholland, IPA Media and Communications Manager, on 0405 140 780, or [email protected]


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