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Religious Freedom Review

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22 November 2017

“Section 18C must be included in any review of religious freedoms,” said Morgan Begg, research fellow at the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

The Coalition government today announced that it has agreed to appoint an expert panel to review to examine whether Australian law adequately protects the human right to religious freedom.

“You can’t have freedom of religion in Australia until laws like section 18C are repealed.”

“Freedom of speech is at the heart of freedom of religion. You can’t live with a religious worldview if you don’t also have the freedom to express that worldview without threat of legal restriction.”

“Laws like section 18C and similar state laws have a chilling effect on the freedom of speech of all Australians, including religious Australians.”

“Any discussion of religious freedom must start with the repeal of laws like section 18C,” said Mr Begg.

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(Image: The Sydney Morning Herald)

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Morgan Begg

Morgan Begg is the Director, Legal Rights Program at the Institute of Public Affairs

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