Poll: Young Australians Too Ashamed To Fight

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31 March 2022
Poll: Young Australians Too Ashamed To Fight - Featured image

“As a result of years of relentless attack on our values by the cultural and media elites, young Australians are now so ashamed of themselves and their country that they would rather flee Australia than stay and fight if the need arose,” said Daniel Wild, Director of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs.

A survey commissioned by the Institute of Public Affairs and undertaken by Dynata of 1,000 Australians from 25-27 March 2022, asked ‘If Australia was in the same position as Ukraine is now, would you stay and fight, or leave the country’? The results were:

  • Stay and fight: 46%
  • Leave the country: 28%
  • Unsure: 26%

Only 32% of those aged 18-24 said they would stay and fight and 40% said they would leave the country (28% were unsure), and 35% of those aged 25-34 said that would stay and fight while 38% said they would leave the country (27% were unsure).

“The negative, self-hate view of Australian history and culture being forced onto students at schools and universities means that now barely one-third of young Australians believe Australia is even worth fighting for.”

“Since World War II millions have fled racial division, sectarian conflict, and abject poverty for a better life in a tolerant and free society that Australia offers. Yet young Australians are denied the opportunity to be taught about this inspiring, optimistic, and hopeful reality of Australia’s history.”

The survey also asked: ‘given conflict in Ukraine and growing rivalry between countries in our region, the federal government should do more to teach school children to be proud of Australia’s history.’ The results were:

  • Total agree: 63%
  • Total disagree: 12%
  • Unsure: 25%

“Mainstream Australians understand their nation is a force of good in the world and the results show they want future generations to be proud of our achievements, rather than constantly be berated and shamed by the noisy minority of elites.”

“The deceit which forms the basis of the national education curriculum must be replaced with the truth that Australia is one the most tolerant, free, and democratic nations on earth – and that this is worth fighting for.”

“Young Australians don’t want to fight for Australia because the cultural elites in schools, universities, and the media have convinced them that there is nothing worth fighting for.”

The survey results were released as the Institute of Public Affairs launched The Centre for the Australian Way of Life on 29 March 2022. The Centre’s mission is to provide the cultural and intellectual leadership required to maintain and enhance the Australian way of life; give a voice to timeless Australian values; and educate young Australians about their own and their country’s history.

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