Poll: Voters Say Don’t Hold Australia Back

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26 March 2022
Poll: Voters Say Don’t Hold Australia Back - Featured image

New polling data released today by the Institute of Public Affairs has found a significant majority of Australians believe it is critical for Australia be able to manufacture its own vital supplies amidst China’s growing assertiveness in our region and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The polling data, collected by Dynata, found 70% of respondents believed that it was very important Australia could manufacture its own vital supplies.

The poll also found overwhelming concern in the community about Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capability following the Covid-19 pandemic. 78% of respondents were concerned that foreign-made, critical supplies, such as masks and rapid antigen tests, could not be sourced during the pandemic.

“The Prime Minister has been right to identify sovereign manufacturing capability as a critical area of public policy, but it is almost impossible to make anything in Australia today because of red tape and excessive government interference,” said Daniel Wild, Director of Research at the IPA.

“Slashing red tape is mission critical to Australia’s ability to the vital goods we need to operate and defend ourselves as an advanced, first-world nation and drive the economic recovery from COVID-19.”

IPA research has estimated that red tape costs Australia $176 billion in lost economic output each and every year.

“Australians value sovereign capability, but this aspiration is not compatible with the Prime Minister’s net zero by 2050 target,” said Mr Wild.

Research by the Institute of Public Affairs identified that up to 653,600 jobs would be put at risk by a policy of net zero emissions by 2050. The research also found that the job losses would be concentrated in industries such as agriculture, coal mining, and heavy manufacturing.

This latest research follows another IPA poll, released last week, which found 61% of Australians believe that the federal government should be more focused on national defence than meeting Australia’s net zero target.

“Australia’s commitment to net zero emissions is no longer just an economic concern, mainstream Australians understand it is also a threat to our national defence,” said Mr Wild.

“As the Asia-Pacific region becomes increasingly uncertain and hostile, Australia must face the fact that energy security is national security. We need a leader who will put We need a leader who will put Australia and Australian jobs first,” said Mr Wild.

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