Poll – Mainstream Australians Continue To Support Australia Day On 26 January

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18 January 2021

69% of Australians support Australia Day being celebrated on January 26 according to a new poll of 1,038 Australians commissioned by the Institute of Public Affairs.

The polling (data collected by Dynata) reveals that only 11% of Australians think the date of Australia Day should be changed while 82% were ‘proud to be an Australian’ – only 5% disagree.

“Mainstream Australians are fundamentally optimistic and positive about Australia and its values,” said Dr Bella d’Abrera, Director of the Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the IPA.

“Celebrating Australia Day should unite all Australians” said Dr d’Abrera.

The polling also finds that of those surveyed:

  • 73% believe ‘Australia has a history to be proud of’ – only 11% disagree.
  • 72% believe ‘Australia Day is an authentic way for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to celebrate being Australian’ – only 12% disagree.
  • 86% said ‘Australia Day should be an opportunity to respect the contribution that everyone has, and can, make to Australia’.

This is the fourth year in which the IPA has surveyed Australians’ about keeping Australia Day on January 26, and over this period Australians have consistently demonstrated overwhelming support for keeping the date. The percentage in favour of keeping the date has ranged between 75% and 69%, while the percentage wanting to change the date has flatlined at around 11%.

“Despite the tired narrative being pushed by a minority of activists to change the date, support for their cause has not moved,” said Dr d’Abrera.

“Australians have had enough of being told that they need to be ashamed of their country, and that it is wrong to celebrate its success “

“26 January marks the foundation of modern Australia, and the freedoms that go with it.  Modern Australia is defined by freedoms which are enjoyed by all Australians.  This is something that should be celebrated, not denigrated.”

“Australians are fundamentally proud to be Australian and recognise that Australia has a history to be proud of,” said Dr d’Abrera.

Download the poll.

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