Australians Turning Against Unplanned Mass-migration $7,800 A Year Worse Off

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11 December 2023
Australians Turning Against Unplanned Mass-migration $7,800 A Year Worse Off - Featured image

“Australia needs a proper debate about the size of our migration intake, which has grown at an unprecedented rate without planning and without community consent, that is now impacting the day to day lives of average Australians,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

Today, the IPA released new research on the attitudes of Australians to migration, and new analysis showing that mass migration made the typical Australian $7,848 worse off in 2023. The survey found:

  • 71% believe the current migration intake is making it harder for young Australians to afford their own home. Only 12% disagree, and 17% were unsure.
  • 62% believe the federal government’s proposal to allow a further 1.5 million migrants over the next five years is too many. Just 5% believe it is not enough, and 33% said it is the right amount.
  • 60% agreed Australia should pause its intake of new immigrants until more social infrastructure, such as schools, roads, hospitals, and houses, are built. Just 23% disagreed and 16% were unsure.

“Australians are turning against the federal government’s out of control mass-migration approach, which is crippling the day-to-day lived experience of the average Australian, making it harder to secure housing, and sending their incomes backwards,” said Mr Wild.

New IPA research backs in the concerns of Australians, which reveals the significant economic and social cost of unplanned mass-migration. The research shows:

  • The population component of total economic growth has increased from one-third in the 1990s, to two-thirds of total economic growth in the 2010’s, and to a record 85% in 2023.
  • Australia’s increased reliance on migration in 2023 means that Australians were individually $7,848 poorer on a per capita basis and has totalled $80,038 since 2000.

“Australia is the world’s most welcoming and tolerant nation, and migration will aways be critical, but it must be planned for and undertaken in a manner that is consistent with our nation’s values,” said Mr Wild.

“The continued reliance on population rather than productivity growth to drive economic growth may have grown the overall economic pie, but it has left the typical Australia with an ever-smaller slice.”

“Australia’s living standards are going backwards faster than any comparable nation due in large part to never-ending population growth, underpinned by unplanned mass-migration.”

“With a forecast shortage of 252,000 homes over the next five years, and already failing social and economic infrastructure, Australia cannot rely on the same old lazy approach of unplanned mass-migration to fix worker shortages and drive economic growth.”

“Migration has, and will, continue to play a vital role in Australia’s economic and social life, but any intake must be properly planned to ensure all Australians, including new arrivals, will benefit from real growth drive through productivity reform,” said Mr Wild.

To download the IPA’s attitudes to migration poll click here.

To download the IPA’s migration economic analysis report click here.

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