Parliamentary Inquiry Required To Investigate Bureau Of Errors

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1 August 2017
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The Institute of Public Affairs has today called on the Federal Government to launch a parliamentary inquiry to investigate the manipulation of temperature data by the Bureau of Meteorology as uncovered in the Australian today.

Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, Dr Jennifer Marohasy said “If the Bureau admits there is a problem with recording of low temperatures then they should be subject to a full parliamentary inquiry so they can be independently investigated.”

“There is no evidence that there has been equipment failure, as suggested by the BoM. A temperature of minus 10.4 was recorded at Goulburn on the 2nd of July and a temperature of minus 10.4 was recorded at Thredbo on the 16th of July. These temperatures should have been brought forward into the CDO data set.”

“What it looks like is a shocking attempt to manipulate temperature trends in such a way to prove the temperature was warmer than it actually was.”

“This either reflects an extraordinary incompetence, or a determination to prevent evidence of low temperatures.”

“The Bureau has previously resisted scrutiny of its data collection and manipulation processes, and this is the chance for Parliament to get to the bottom of it,” Dr Marohasy said.

Dr Jennifer Marohasy is editor of the IPA’s new book Climate Change: The Facts 2017, which includes a number of chapters on homogenisation and manipulation of temperature data.

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