New Research Program To Improve Policy Advice

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16 February 2017
New Research Program To Improve Policy Advice - Featured image

This week the Institute of Public Affairs launched its new Parliamentary Research Brief Program which will provide concise analysis on topical issues direct to parliamentarians.

“The program builds on what the IPA has always been about: communicating the importance of free enterprise and human flourishing,” said Simon Breheny, Director of Policy at the free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs.

“Parliamentarians are time poor, and there is a feeling that the public service advice is a bit out-dated.”

“The public service doesn’t really understand what is happening to public policy around the world. They missed the rise of Trump and Brexit, and don’t understand the significance of those two events. So it is important that civil society steps in to fill that void and improve the quality of policy advice.”

“We will be providing advice across a range of important topics, including the need to lower taxes, protect free speech, and remove impediments to job-creating business investment,” said Mr Breheny.

The first Parliamentary Research Brief was 5 Reasons to Abolish the Renewable Energy Target, prepared by Research Fellow Daniel Wild.

“The first brief shows how the Renewable Energy Target increases energy prices, but reduces productivity, economic growth and wages without providing a noticeable benefit to the environment,” said Daniel Wild, Research Fellow at the IPA.

“The problems we have in our energy market are the product of ongoing government intervention. The solution is for the government to pull right back, including through abolishing the RET,” Mr Wild Said.

The Briefings will also be available on the IPA website.

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